Christmastime is always a favorite time of year for me. Although I get extremely homesick, Christmastime in Europe is very special. And I feel like it sort of makes up for it. When our time here in Austria, or anywhere in Europe ends, I know visiting the many Christkindlmarkts is going to be something I miss dearly.

Christkindlmarkts or Christmas markets are similar to a Farmer’s market. Different people selling an assortment of mostly Christmas related items set up shop in little huts in town squares. There are goods, food, and always a lot of glüwein. Linz has around 4-5 Christmas markets set up around town. The biggest one is in the Hauptplatz or the main town square. During the day you can go there and enjoy a little Christmas shopping and some pastry goods. At night, it is a great spot to grab some drinks, sausages, and enjoy the holiday season with friends.

IMG_3394 IMG_3395

For the past 3 years, we try to travel to as many Christmas markets as we can. For the most part, every one sells the same things, ornaments, mittens, hats, things for the home, candles, oils, and other Christmas decor. This year we visited Vienna’s main Christkindlmarkt and the market at the Schönbrunn Palace. Vienna has some of the most beautiful Christkindlmarkts around.






We also traveled to Salzburg. Last Christmas we visited Salzburg but went to a Christmas market outside of town. This visit was to the main one down by the Cathedral and Residence Square. It is now my favorite one I’ve visited. The ornaments were beautiful and the food was delicious. I, unfortunately, was too busy shopping to bother with any pictures.

Each year, I will look forward to taking out my ornaments and remembering all the wonderful memories.

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