Thank God for my iPhone. A lot of my day is spent using it. Not because I’m addicted to social media (hmm… might be, actually) but because I often have to whip out my phone and use it to navigate the world around me. Although I am getting better at German, it still takes me twice as long to grocery shop, read instructions, ingredients, and even do my laundry. Example: doing laundry with new/different appliances …

IMG_8497 copyMy favorite app to use is iTranslate. But I am getting more excited about an app Andrew found called Word Lens. With Word Lens I am able to hover my camera over the foreign text and have it translate right before my eyes. It doesn’t always get it right but by now I can usually fill in the blanks and get a general idea of what I am looking at. I find myself wondering what I would have ever done without my iPhone and the numerous translating apps it offers me. Let’s just say I would be very lost.

One thought on “iTranslate

  1. loving your travelogue – the photos & the prose; you have a gift. thanks for
    continuing with it. shared your itranslate story – the comeback comment
    was “—- I had a headache for weeks after I got back from Germany – all
    those long, convoluted words!” hang in there. Roseann Pluimer

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