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My Mondays have been busy. We had already attended Oktoberfest the previous week. Mondays are usually Andrew’s only day off and we try to pack a couple of adventures in to make sure we’re seeing and doing all that we can …

Being the romantic that he is, last Monday, Andrew planned an outing for the two of us. He told me nothing and when we pulled up in Salzburg I really had no idea what we would be doing. A Starbucks run, maybe? We’ve been to Salzburg a handful of times. But when we walked around the corner I knew just what we were doing. There it was … The Sound of Music tour bus!


I couldn’t believe it! Not only because Andrew set this up completely by himself but he was actually willing to take the tour with me. Our first year in Austria, I made him sit down and watch the movie with me. It wasn’t one of his favorites. So I was more than thrilled he was doing this with me. Last year, I had spotted the tour bus and expressed my wish to go on it. At some point. While we were so close to Salzburg. Yay!

We started the tour by driving around the city and looking at Nonnberg Abbey, the abbey in the movie, and some other famous areas. Unknown to most, relatively all the inside shots from the Sound of Music were done in Hollywood. Because of that, most of the tour was outside. In the picture below, the Abbey can be seen to the right of the picture with the red dome. Also, the arched doorway under the yellow tree is seen when Maria sets off for the Von Trapp family.


Our first stop was at the house of the Von Trapp’s (movie only). Just across the pond was the very house where the children fall from the canoes and get in trouble. What I didn’t know was the house was actually filmed using two houses. The big one, filmed from just the back only. The house sits right up against the pond but didn’t have the best front for filming. It was also way too large. When watching the scene again of the children and the captain, you can see that they never show them together in the same scene. The children are filmed facing the pond in the big house, while when the captain speaks it is just him with the other house in the background. The first house is now owned by an American company and private. So no going on the real patio.



Here is the second house. Very familiar. It’s most popular from the scene of Maria running down the street while singing the “Confidence” song. It is now a music school. How fitting. The one thing I noticed while we were at the first house and drove past the second was … where was the gazebo!?


Oh how I wish I still was 16 going on 17. The gazebo was tucked away in a little castle/vacation home of one of Salzburg’s kings. It was beautiful. Beautiful. It reminded me of all the memories I have watching this movie. Running around my grandparents house watching it over and over with Laura. Singing all of our favorite songs while pretending we had pretty pink parasols, which were more or less my grandparent’s umbrellas.

We then set off for the hills. It was a beautiful drive through the lake area of Austria. It was just 15 min outside of Salzburg on the way towards Linz.




The last stop was at the church where Maria and the Captain get married. In the movie it seemed a lot bigger than up close. But up close it was way more beautiful. Unlike most scenes in the movie, this was where the filming actually was. Not Hollywood. The church is in Mondsee. It is a cute little town. The square was just outside the church. We spent the hour we had there grabbing lunch and walking around.



We made our way back to Salzburg and learned more about the city and the actual Von Trapp family. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the story is more than a tad off from what the movie depicts. We got dropped off just outside the Mirabell gardens. I have been there, again, a handful of times but none when the flowers were still in. Andrew and I walked around the famous fountain and then through the rose gardens before leaving.


The whole tour was fabulous. We learned so much about the movie and were able to watch clips and listen to all the great songs from the movie. It was a perfect vacation day!

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