Another year, and another Oktoberfest celebration in the books! I’m beginning to hope this will become a yearly tradition. Last year was my first year attending the famous beer festival and boy, was it fun. I’m glad I can say the same about this year. There were a few differences this time around and definitely a few more stories (and beers) …


IMG_2810Starting the day with a leberkase. As disgusting as one might look, they are mouth-wateringly good.

IMG_2813The first tent we went to was Paulaner. Knowing they had a good lunch, we didn’t want to pass it up.


IMG_2819Dressed in the traditional Lederhosen and Dirndl, we said our first Prost! The food was delicious and the beer was even better.



Oops … Throughout all the tents, Oktoberfest goers will join in a famous song “Ein Prosit”. The bands play this song every 15-20 min to make sure EVERYONE is doing plenty of drinking. The lyrics go a little like this:

Ein Prosit

Ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

Ein Prosit

Ein Prosit

Der Gemütlichkeit

oins, zwoi, drei,


And then it ends with everyone yelling Prost! and clanking glasses as hard as they can. (Sometimes a little too hard!)

I’m not going to lie, I can’t say much about what happened after the picture above. We left the tent to head over to my favorite, Augustiner, only to find they were crazy-busy and wouldn’t seat us at the same table. Our group then went over to the Hacker-Pshorr tent. They has now become my new favorite … tent that is … With clouds all around, it really made it feel like a warm summer day.


IMG_2844We went into two more tents before heading home. I am glad I took a few more pictures so I could remember.


IMG_2859Although, that last tent is still escaping my memory … Prost!

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