En Route …

After an eight-hour flight, I am currently sitting at Schipol Airport waiting for my next connection to Munich. Right now the time is 6:45AM. It would be 11:45PM back home. Since I landed about an hour ago, I was able to witness all the shops and restaurants opening for the day. It is still dark out and I feel like they should be closing. I am more nervous than excited for what the rest of my day is going to bring. Let’s start with before I even began my travel day… Flying scares the s@%$ out of me. Literally. My family and friends have heard about this for weeks. So leading up to leaving, I was, to say the least, petrified. On top of the pre-flight nerves, saying “good-bye” just gets harder and harder. This summer has been one of my favorites. And I was extremely depressed to see it end. I think I’ve done more crying in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. I was already in the middle of a crying episode when the flight attendant came over to tell me that my dog had made it on board. When I began to sob, he asked if that was the reason I was crying. I let out a small and shaky “I wish” before I huddled up into a ball and continued my sobbing – I will be forever grateful to the kind lady next to me who gently rubbed my back until I calmed myself down – After all that crying, I watched 4 movies hoping to nod off and catch a bit of sleep. But that didn’t happen. Tired and water-logged, I have been wandering aimlessly around this airport in Amsterdam. Right now it is my bedtime and I am VERY much feeling that. I have 4 hours to go until my next 2 hour flight and another 2 hour drive until I am finally “home”. I am usually not a huge sufferer of jet-lag and I do not want it to start now. I am just praying I can try to enjoy the taste of a Red Bull and stay up as late as I can. We will see how the rest of this day (night) goes …

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