Long time … Update

Wow, has it really been 3 months since my last post? Sorry. Sorry. Sorry! I know I had promised to update more but life and a lack of motivation have, unfortunately, gotten in the way. Hopefully, I can write more before the season ends and I head back across the Atlantic in April. Which seems right around the corner! The past 3 months haven’t been all that eventful. I had a quick (and much-needed) return home over Thanksgiving, Michael got a puppy and GRADUATED!


IMG_6062Followed by Christmas markets and a low-key Christmas back here in Linz.



The New Year came and went, Andrew’s mom came for a quick visit, and I had a birthday that reminded me just how close to 30, and away from 20, I really am getting.


The one big event/change in my life has been a new hobby/job … teaching … or at the very least attempting to. Last year, I began researching different things that I would be able to do while being overseas. I knew I couldn’t get a full-time position not knowing a word of German, but I had heard about others in similar situations teaching English. I looked into it, applied to the few schools that were in Dornbirn, and had a “job” all lined up and ready to go. The only problem was my visa. After learning that I couldn’t stay more than the 3 months allocated to Americans, the job fell through. It was more than a bit disappointing. I have been in the working world since I was 16 and, believe it or not, love it – more like, live for it. So not having anything to do for myself during the winter has been challenging and at times, downright depressing. When Andrew signed his contract this year, in Linz, I had hoped that because we were married, I’d get my visa and (finger’s crossed) have the same sort of luck finding another “job”. Thankfully, Linz is a bit bigger than Dorbirn and I had about 7 places to apply to. Which I did as quickly as I could when my “worker’s permit” was finally in my hands. I was losing a bit of hope a week later when I hadn’t heard anything. Then the phone rang and I was given my first teaching assignment. A few weeks later, I was offered another opportunity. Things were looking up. I finally had something that could not only occupy my time, but help me get back into a world I so desperately missed.

The teaching aspect of this so-called job has been the hardest to get the hang of. And I owe more credit than I could ever give to people who hold this as their profession. Besides having to conduct a class (of adults) and be creative enough to make interesting and relevant lesson plans, teaching the material and feeling like my students are absorbing the information, has been the most difficult. I’ll be the first to admit, I loved learning French as a language growing up … but I don’t remember a lot, much less how the class was conducted and how I happened to learn it. So starting out, I was naturally intimidated and quickly found myself panicking any time there was a question or my lesson wasn’t staying on course. I’ve always taken pride in myself for being a quick learner and adapting quickly to any new task in front of me but this has been something that’s taken me a much longer to feel comfortable doing than I imagined. My first set of classes didn’t go as well as I hoped. But I’ve redeemed myself (hopefully) and have been improving (hopefully). Although this doesn’t fill up my whole day or even week, it has been a wonderful, new outlet for me. And even though it still terrifies me every week when my class rolls around, I have to remember:


One thought on “Long time … Update

  1. i love this!! way to go, Linds! good luck with your classes — you’re right, you only get more experience with each step forward (even if they are little steps!) oxox

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