Venezia pt. Due

So after the first day and a half in Venice, I came to the realization that I loved this city and Italy. I was not looking forward to leaving. The last day we got up super early and headed to the market. I love European markets and it’s something I know I’ll painfully miss when this crazy lifestyle I’m living now is all over. The market was set up by the Rialto Bridge. It was full of venders selling the most delicious fruits, vegetables, meats, pastas, and seafood I had ever seen. I was kicking myself for not bringing an extra bag with me. I could have easily done my weeks grocery shopping here.









After spending most of the early morning drooling over all the delicious food, we went to the Gallerie dell’Accademia to view the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit. I had offered to go this alone, as I know Andrew isn’t huge on art museums, but thankfully he agreed that it might be neat to see some of da Vinci’s works.

I found the museum to be quite expensive for what it contained but it all became worth it. No pictures were allowed and every time I tried to sneak one, a guard would come right around the corner. One of the most famous pieces on display was The Vitruvian Man, as show below:


The picture itself was very small being that it was written on notebook paper. This was probably the highlight of the museum. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was spent walking along the Rialto Bridge and getting in one last pizza before making the long trip home.

2 thoughts on “Venezia pt. Due

  1. hello. 😉

    i like your blog very much. it’s so cool to get informations what the icehockey – cracks and their wifes do when they are not standing on the ice.
    cause i’m a great fan of the black wings linz and i’m so happy that your man is playing for us. he is such a awasome player!
    hope you like linz. 😉

    sorry for my english it isn’t that good :p

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