Wine Fest

Just the other weekend was one of the best festivals in Linz. The Wine Fest. Many different wines from all over Austria were displayed and available for tastings.. And who wouldn’t love that!

The festival was set up in the main part of town. The streets were lined with different wineries. For 2,5€, we bought our own wine glasses and started trying the wines!



Since maturing past boxed wine in college, I’ve come to appreciate many different kinds of wine and enjoy hearing where they come from and how they’re made. Although we didn’t get to hear much about the wines, they were all VERY tasty. I was even able to try a new type of wine – Sturm.


Very popular in Austria (and only obtainable here), Sturm is a semi-fermented grape juice from the first grape harvest of the season. It was slightly sweet and slightly cidery with a bit of carbonation. This wine is available only in the fall for a few short weeks. And as I found out, cannot be preserved. If ever you have the opportunity to travel to Austria at the beginning of autumn I would highly recommend grabbing a bottle. It was delicious! As was EVERYTHING else 🙂 Prost!



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