Being in Linz means we are pretty central to many places worth seeing in Austria, as well as, other countries. For a quick day trip on Andrew’s day off, we went to a small town built right into the mountainside. Hallstatt is mainly a tourist town but what it was known for was its salt production.


Andrew and I had a great time walking around town. With a population under 1, 000 people, Hallstatt wasn’t very big and we saw pretty much all the town in less than 2 hours. We first stopped in the town “square” which was built in the 14th century and then popped into the Evangelical Parish Church.



We also stopped into the Catholic Parish Church. This church was built directly into the mountain and the walk up to it was fairly steep. Adjacent to the church was a little cemetery. Because space is so limited in Hallstatt, every ten years bone used to be dug up and moved to an ossuary to make room for new burials.


The best part of my day was the boat ride. Electric boats can be rented and taken out on Hallstätter See (the Lake). We drove up and down the shoreline and made our way across to check out what appeared to be a castle.





We enjoyed lunch at a cute little restaurant right on the water and had a typical Austrian meal of goulash and schnitzel . After, we decided to make the last stop to the salt mines.


The salt mines were the first of their kind and has the oldest pipeline in the world. This pipeline was made about 400 years ago from 13,000 hollowed out trees.



At the start of the salt mine tour, there is a restaurant with a lookout platform. 350 meters up, the “World Heritage View” offers views of the complete mountain-scape. It was beautiful!



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