I have been trying to get myself acclimated to being in a different city the past couple of weeks. It’s not always easy. As much as this opportunity affords me great experiences, it also comes with its same amount of frustrations. Just the other day I found myself charging through the grocery store almost in tears because I couldn’t find molasses to make my own brown sugar because all I wanted were some chocolate chip cookies (And Austria doesn’t have brown sugar so no homemade cookies for me). But between all that frustration I am learning to try new things.

Back home I am a huge CorePower Yoga fan. I try to go 3-4 times a week. I love it. Yoga, Sculpt, Ryder, it’s really the only form of exercise I have found, aside from playing sports, that I actually like and will stick with. (It could also be that hefty price tag attached to it) Knowing I was in a bigger city this year, I was bound and determined to find a place where I could continue this routine. It didn’t take me long. It’s not exactly the same but I found a little Bikram yoga studio. I’ve never done Bikram yoga before. But I felt confident that it couldn’t be that hard considering I’ve already been doing hot yoga for over a year now. I was in for a bit of a shock. (I really should have tried the Hot Yoga class CP offers back home!)

I look back at all the things I have done and the older and older I get, the more confidence, I guess, I seem to get. My younger self would probably have never attended an exercise class by herself, let alone one in a foreign country where she doesn’t speak the language. My only other attempt to do such a thing was in Japan and we all know how that went. But I went ahead and walked into the yoga studio (by myself). With the best “Sprechen sie Englisch” I could muster I was quickly signed up and was told that the room would be 40 degrees Celsius (104F) and my only discipline that day was to see if I could get through the 90 minutes of class just staying in the room. No need for me to do all the postures. I smiled and nodded but in my head I was thinking, please, I do hot yoga all the time and never once had a problem with the heat, what’s 10 more degrees, really?! Before I walked away there was one more thing … the class would be taught in German.

I set up my mat and contemplated whether I should just run out. When the class started I was told to watch the two girls in front of me. If anyone has ever done Bikram yoga before, you know that it’s not like Vinyasa yoga. There are 26 postures done in a specific order. Each posture is separated by a quick rest. Drinking water is not allowed during the first 4 postures and then really not encouraged throughout the class. And it gets HOT. Within seconds I had beads of sweat all over my body. The more the class went on, the German wasn’t as hard to understand. I soon learned what meant we were done doing a posture and when to begin again. Most postures were the same as in English but I am sure the girls in front of me thought I knew nothing as I creepily stared at them trying to understand what was going on. Halfway through I had to sit down. Dizziness and nausea are common during your first couple classes and I was definitely feeling those. At the end of class, as I lay in savasana, I couldn’t help but feel proud I had tried something new and made it through. Since, I have been back 4 times. Although, it’s not as addicting as my CorePower, I can already feel the benefits of getting back into any type of yoga or exercise. The last couple of classes have been taught by an instructor who prefers English, which has been great. I am assuming they say the same things in German but it helps to hear the messages of just letting go of everything that doesn’t serve you for the 90 minutes of class. It made me forget all about that molasses. We’ll see how it goes!

One thought on “Bikram

  1. Love bikram! I tried it for the first time in Abbotsford, BC and loved it! When this child peaces out from my body, I’m gonna get all up on that again! Good to hear you are doing swell in Linz!

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