Botanischer Garten

Close to our house is one of Europe’s most (self-proclaimed) beautiful botanical gardens. This week Andrew and I took a walk to check them out. Nestled up on a hill, the gardens had many areas to stroll through. Because of the climate, the plants on exhibit were set up in complete landscapes, giving you the idea of how you may find them in their natural environment.


We first stopped in the greenhouses. They were filled with a tropical plants, cactuses, and orchids. The tropical exhibit was damp and humid. They had the biggest lily pads I had ever seen and the most exotic looking plants and flowers.



Cactuses always remind me of my grandparents, particularly my grandpa. Growing up, the dining room held their own little cactus garden. It was neat seeing all the different plants that seemed so familiar to me.


Beyond the greenhouses, the gardens opened up to a huge courtyard with a tiny pond of turtles in the middle. It reminded me of something you’d see in a landscaping magazine. Andrew and I decided when it comes time for us to move to a bigger house, a place with a bit more property and the option to turn a back yard into a quiet sanctuary was becoming more and more appealing. No more city living 😉




We then walked through some wooded areas, more cactuses, a few vegetable gardens to a rose garden. I’m not a huge fan of rose bouquets, but I LOVE rose gardens.



Of course being in a different country with a different culture allows me to see some pretty different things.


I am not sure what this statue is supposed to be depicting or what its message is. The child looked stunned and the man looked as though he saw something disturbing. Maybe it’s a warning to all the children to stop picking the flowers. Who knows! Andrew and I thought it was humorous.

After winding up and down the gardens we circled around the back for a walk in the woodlands exhibit. It left us with a beautiful view of the Austrian hillside.


For 3€, I will definitely be returning. Maybe with a good book to enjoy on one of the many benches while the weather is still nice.


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