Another Season

This is the first time since December I have logged into this account and decided to write something. A long time, I know. After last years visa issues, (countless hours, days, spent trying to figure out how I could have stayed in Austria with Andrew, without being married, resulted in me having to go home right after the new year) I didn’t really feel like taking the time to share all my disappointments. I am hoping now that we are finally married, this year will turn out different …

After 2 weeks of wedding festivities, travels, and bliss, I have now landed back in Austria for yet another “hockey season”. No longer in Dornbirn but Linz. From what seemed like days of travel from lack of sleep, (MSP-AMS-VIE, then a 2 hour car ride) we made it to our new apartment. That first night, Andrew and I went for a walk to try to figure out where we were and grab a bite to eat. Less than a 10 min walk puts us right in the downtown area of Linz. Hauptplatz was still very lively at 10 at night. We found a McDonald’s and grabbed some dinner. Not the most adventurous but, hey, we were starved and did not feel like deciphering an all-German menu.

My first couple of days in Linz still haven’t been that daring … We (I mostly) have just walked around town, ran errands, unpacked, and have tried to get ourselves settled and adjusted to this new city and year ahead.

Although not very interesting, I will try to leave you with something to look at. Our place 🙂

Kitchen Living-Room Bathroom Guest-Bedroom Bedroom Deck

One thought on “Another Season

  1. Lindsay – my aunt lives in Linz (she married an Austrian doctor in her 20s and has been there 30+ years). If you ever need to connect with an Midwestern American, let me know. She and her hubby are amazing people.

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