a lot to be thankful for …

This year I co-hosted my first Thanksgiving. Between our apartment and the one across the hall, we gathered all the imports (25 of us, all but 2 are Canadian) and had a feast. And I’m glad to say that everything went great. Lots of food and lots of laughter. Best of all, after sitting and watching it cook in the oven, the turkey was edible. Phew.

There is SO much that I find myself thankful for year after year but I have a few that top the list.

* A family, who always show their love and are always there for me. I am blessed beyond words.

* A wonderful fiancé and true partner in this life we are traveling down.

* My close friends, who know me, and still want to hang out with me.

* The opportunity to travel to (and live in) places I only imagined I would go.

* The amazing people I have met this year that make being away from the familiar so much easier than I anticipated.

Tell me what you think ...

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