Vienna (pt. Drei)

Our last day in Vienna was here and we were both a little upset having to leave and go back to our regular lives. This is the first time Andrew’s ever had more than a couple of days off in a season and the first time we took a vacation during it. It was great and a little weird at the same time. Hockey was definitely the last things on our minds. The day started with a walk to Stephansdom in the heart of Vienna. Stephansdom is the most recognizable church in Vienna with its elaborate roof. On one side is a mosaic of a double-breasted eagle, a symbol of the Habsburg dynasty. On the other side, mosaics of the coat of arms of the City of Vienna and the Republic of Austria. The church was beautiful.

We took a stroll around the church and stumbled upon Mozart’s house. Finding out that we had to reserve tour appointments ahead of time, we skipped that and walked to the Nachmarkt to have lunch and a couple biers.

The Nachmarkt was a neat little street market with different stores and restaurants. We enjoyed stepping in and out of stores and seeing what different foods, clothing, etc. they had to sell. We then went to the MuseumQuartier, Vienna’s museum district. This area is one of the 10 largest cultural complexes in the world.  We finished the day with walking back around the Stephansdom and the various shopping and restaurant streets. It was a great evening and we left feeling like we had explored the city and saw everything we had wanted.

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