Vienna (pt. Zwei)

Day 2 in Vienna started with a walk through a gorgeous, small park near our hotel with the dog. After that, Andrew and I jumped in the car and drove to Schönbrunn Palace just outside the main city area. The name means “beautiful spring” and this was definitely a beautiful place to wander around. We did the Grand Tour of the Palace and walked around the gardens. It took the majority of the day to explore these magnificent grounds.

Directly behind the Palace and sitting on top a hill was the Gloriette. At one time, this was a dining hall for the Habsburg family and a structure glorifying their power. It is now a café. After hiking up the rather steep hill, we enjoyed an authentic Viennese lunch of beef goulash, which I couldn’t get enough of. Not to mention, the unbelievable view we had of the Palace and all of Vienna. (Between the food and the view, I didn’t know what to do.)

Back in downtown Vienna, we decided to go shopping in the main shopping district. I can NEVER pass up an opportunity to do a little shopping, especially when there is a Zara around. We even treated ourselves to some Starbucks 🙂

Ending the night in the same park from the morning, I wasn’t looking forward to our last day in the city. I didn’t want to leave …

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