Driving Woes

Another year, another driving problem. Instead of having to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road, I have now had to learn how to drive stick. Before this, I had attempted to drive a manual car twice in my life. Once in high school, and after blowing through two stop signs and staying at a constant 10 mph I decided to save it for college, which was an equally horrible experience and I am pretty sure I may have wrecked my trusting instructor’s car. But now I found myself stuck.

Andrew was the first one of us to drive. He had to drive the car straight off the lot. After a few stalls, he got us home safely. And from then on, I made him drive me around everywhere. But the time was coming for him to go on a week long road trip. So the time came for me to give it one more try. I started in an empty parking lot and actually surprised myself with how well I was doing. (Did I mention that I watched 50 minutes of You Tube videos on how to drive a stick before we left?) Feeling adventurous and over-confident, I decided to take my chances out on the open road. And I did pretty well. I stalled one time but drove around town and back home. I nailed it. Or so I thought …

The next day we had to run some errands in a town about 20 minutes away. Andrew drove us there. But I vowed I would be driving us home. So after completing our tasks we decided to spend some time sightseeing and walking around the town square. But first we had to get there. I was eager to prove my driving talents again and took the wheel. Big mistake. Not only was there traffic, I lost all ability to remember how to drive. I panicked. Stalled. Teared up as I was angrily honked at. And panicked some more before pulling into a parking spot and getting out of the car the fastest I could. So I quit. And after dropping Andrew off at the bus for his road trip, I drove home. Slowly. Parked the car and didn’t get in it the entire week. This resulted in me getting rides everywhere or walking (2 miles to the dry-cleaners with a bag of clothes …).

When Andrew came home and learned of my non-driving week, he refused to drive me anywhere. Resulting in my taking another stab at it. I’ve only driven now a handful of times and am getting better … but I’m still panicking, stalling, and tearing up 🙂

Tell me what you think ...

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