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You know I’m planning a wedding right?! I’ll admit I have been majorly slacking in this department. Before leaving for Japan, I thought I’d have all the time in the world. But after getting here, I’ve realized (besides research) there isn’t much I want or can, for that matter, do. The only “plans” we’ve come up with are really just brainstorms of the where, when, and who … all of which has caused major stress and has made eloping sound even more appealing … But on the subway in Tokyo, my mind was brought back to the need to start planning. How? Believe it or not … Andrew. While I was frantically trying to figure out which train we needed to catch, he strolled over to a magazine rack and picked me up the latest copy of Tokyo Wedding Collection. I guess he really does want to go through with this after all ūüėČ

The only resource I have over here to help with wedding planning is the internet. This might be enough to plan every detail but, sometimes, nothing beats buying a stack of magazines, grabbing a bottle of wine and going through them with your girlfriends (and mom!). Well, I guess I have my boyfriend (ahhh fianc√©, I’m still not used to it). So sitting in Nikko, looking through the only wedding magazine I took with me from home, I decided to compare the two. Maybe I could learn something, get a couple new and fresh ideas from one of the trendiest parts of the world … as you know, there are many trends already that I want to bring home with me.

Besides opening from opposite sides, these magazines look the same. As you can probably guess, Japan has very different wedding traditions but in the past couple of decades, they have started incorporating Western elements into their ceremonies … lucky me. Now let’s see what’s on the inside.

We both hold bridal seminars, conventions, and shows for brides to get cake tastings, meetings with florists and DJs, tips and tricks from the experts and, the ever anticipated, bridal gown runway shows out of their system.

Both equally show their fair share of reception venue ads. Skimming over them, I was more impressed with the venues in Tokyo. Surprise.

What better way to gain inspiration than through others? Each dedicated a section to real weddings. Although, Tokyo Wedding only really provided pictures of the bride and groom and maybe one detailed picture. I am sure the text made up for it. But how would I know?

There weren’t many differences I could find. My Western magazine featured more wedding dress ads with an array of dress trends. The only wedding dress (besides the Kimono) I could see in Tokyo Wedding was the princess ball gown. No Fit & Flares here. Tokyo Wedding also devoted a huge part to engagement and wedding band rings. But not in a “Western” way. Most married women wear a simple gold or white gold/silver band. The ring section showed the many different patterns and designs one could get. If there were diamonds or stones incorporated, they weren’t the HUGE diamonds so many of my Western friends lust over.

In a past post, I wrote about Japanese beauty. This wedding magazine took it a level higher. There were ads from plastic surgeon offices offering services to make sure brides look their very best on their special day. I decided to visit one doctor’s website and found there were special “Bridal” packages. This included Hyaluronic acid injection formula Takami,¬†LED diode,¬†Takami meso facial expressions,¬†Photofacial Takami formula,¬†Super vitamin C infusion, among other things. Interesting and a little … scary.

The one thing Tokyo Wedding did not have, which I am glad my Western magazines include in almost every issue, is a checklist. I guess the Japanese have it down when it comes to planning. But I would be lost without one. Rereading this 6 months after getting engaged made me sweat … I’ve got a lot of work to do!

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