Just My Size

Every time I go grocery shopping I marvel at how teeny tiny every thing is. Back home, a trip to the grocery store meant I could get enough food for the week (if not more), often times having it go bad before I could consume it all (with my environmentally conscious mind always making me feel guilty).  Here, I usually have to make a trip every other day to make sure I won’t go hungry. There are no leftovers. Nothing comes in bulk.

Besides food, almost everything else is just as small. Recently in a past blog post, I showed precisely how small my living space is. So exactly how small is small? Here are some examples to gain perspective.

SUPER SIZE ME! … or not. McDonald’s doesn’t even have the option. And a soda is the size of my palm.

Oranges the size of golf balls (no GMOs or pesticides are used on ANY fruit or veggie), bags of lettuce that fit in a cereal bowl, and look at that can of peas. Single servings please!

The tiniest bottle of olive oil I have ever seen.

Bite sized cookies in a bag that I assume is meant for a typical family of 4. I may or may not have ate the WHOLE bag in one sitting.

My personal favorite. The cans, mainly the beer cans. Yes, you’re seeing this right, all 135ml (4.65oz) of it.

I’m not a big fan of beer, so when I get that “once in a blue moon” craving, this actually is just my size! …speaking of Blue Moon … 😉

And now some non-food examples …

The bathtub. Just big enough for me to sit down in … not quite camper’s style.

The car. No problems maneuvering in this thing.

The cellphones.

What’s going to happen when I go back to the states?! I fear that I’ll shove food in my mouth like I’ve been starved, make trips to Costco/Sam’s Club and buy everything in sight that’s made for an army and not just 1, drive all over town in my gas guzzling SUV, or maybe, just maybe, I’ll give up my all-American way of over consuming. Let’s hope it’s the latter. 🙂

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