The Art of Beauty. Eyes and Nails Japanese Style.

Ever since I can remember, I have always been into make-up, hair, and nails. Not out of vanity, but because I find the always-changing subject fun, creative, and well, fascinating. I can recall being in 3rd grade, getting ready for school, and locking myself in the bathroom to secretly dab on a little of my mom’s makeup. It wasn’t because I thought I needed it, I just thought it was exciting and cool. So you can imagine my excitement when I noticed all the beauty trends Japanese women and teenage girls have. From skin bleaching creams to glue for your eyelids, they have it all and I want to see it all. But let’s start with my favorite … you can probably guess … eyelashes and nails. Japanese style.

Long lashes seem to be a phenomenon here in Japan. The reason being, by nature, many Japanese have short lashes. I guess everyone wants what they don’t have. Fashion magazines and ads make it clear that long lashes will make eyes bigger and more beautiful. It seems that every woman I see has had extensions put on. And these extensions aren’t the drugstore kind you glue on yourself. These eyelashes are put on by a profession, are very durable, and can last weeks, even over a month! For the most part they look real too. Thankfully, I have been blessed with these sought after, long lashes and can forgo this beauty expense … although I am constantly temped to try them every time I pass by a salon.

Dolly-Wink Eyelashes

So instead of getting my lashes done. I decided to go with the other trend. Nails! This is a must-do, fashion add-on while in Japan. And this is not just a simple manicure. These nails are crazy. Most, if not all, have some type of jewel, intricate design (like tie-dye or flowers), or ornament (like bows and chains) attached to them. The most popular are the gel nails, which can be comparable to the “no-chip” manicure seen in the states.






I opted to go with the gel AND decided to be daring and get a wild design.

After 3 long hours, this was what I got! I’m not even going to tell you how much I spent on these out of sheer embarrassment. I guess beauty has its price. But it was so fun and worth it. This is one trend I can see myself taking back to the US.

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