Ringing in the New Year cont…

As you know, Andrew and I spent New Year’s in Tokyo at their version of Disneyland and Disney Sea. Now, Disneyland wasn’t anything different but Disney Sea on the other hand was.

Instead of a big magical castle, you are greeted with an old world, mediterranean sea and volcano. And to make the start of a new year even more special, it was Disney Sea’s 10th Anniverary! We spent the day exploring the park … FYI – the center of the volcano must be a trap, once we were inside this area we had the hardest time finding how to get out. Not at all fun or adventurous when you are starving and just want to eat! Before we called it a day we used our fast pass ticket to ride on Indiana Jones. The one regret I have is not purchasing this picture. It was priceless. I guess a blurry version will have to do.

In the end it was a fantastic trip. With the weather cooperating, both of us felt like we had gone on a mini vacay 🙂

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