I know little Japanese but being around it 24/7, sometimes I feel like I understand what people are saying. The reality is I have no idea. So the other night, after being invited by the only other girl here in Nikko that also doesn’t speak Japanese, I attended my first Japanese language class. Hey, for only ¥100, I figured I might learn a thing or two. And guess what, I did!

The Japanese Alphabet.

My phrase booklet.

I can now successfully read the alphabet and write my name (…and butcher a few key phrases). It might only be a small step in understanding where I am but it helps 🙂

And by the way, Lindsay is …  リんず い – (Linzii-san) or since there is no real “z” sound … リんじ – (Linji-san)

One thought on “Konnichiwa!

  1. Yay! So glad we went, even if I did only learn a few things and now have to carry the alaphabet in my purse with me! 🙂 Good job, Lindsay-san! From- Rane-san.

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