On a cold and raining day, Andrew and I hopped in the car and drove to Mishiko. A little over an hour from Nikko, this small town is known for hand-made pottery. With the advice from a local, we were told that the town was touristy enough to have plenty of English to get us around. We’d have no problem finding the well-known shop where we could make our own plates and bowls … 30 min after driving up and down the town streets, we realized that wasn’t the case. We were lost.

Instead of driving aimlessly, we pulled into the next shop we saw to see if they at least knew where we were trying to go. The woman at the counter barely spoke English but she was able to call the local information line. After being connected to the shop, we were told that there was no more pottery making that day. Disappointed, we thanked the woman for her help and turned around to leave. The woman rushed after us. Rapidly speaking Japanese and grabbing our arms, she lead us into a room off to the side of the shop. There we were greeted by an old man. What was going on?! The man motioned for us to put on some aprons. He left and came back with a big brick of clay. We must be making pottery after all …

Looks like I’m up …

At this point, I clearly needed some help. It was not at all as easy as it looked … 

I’m not sure why mine wasn’t looking anything like the old man’s … it didn’t matter though … It was Andrew’s turn …

Of course it was effortless for the naturally talented …

Wait, not so easy now, huh? Muahahaha …

Our finished products …

On our way out, we got a tour of the entire shop (By the way, ours didn’t make it into the kiln). We were shown the whole process they use to create all the pottery in their store as we walked around. It was very interesting.

What had started as a crappy day, turned into one of the best afternoons I’ve spent in Japan! I couldn’t thank the shop owners enough. I left happy being able to attempt to make pottery and thankful I didn’t have to keep my own creation.

3 thoughts on “Mishiko

  1. Linds, these random experiences are the best things that come with travel! i’m *loving* reading your blog and so glad that you guys are taking advantage of all this journey has to offer you. we miss you though!

    keep blogging, love it 🙂


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