How it all started…

Hello! Hello! For all my family and friends out there, I’ve decided to start a blog (thank you, Kaitlyn Holm) to share my travel and life adventures. And pictures! Of course, I can’t begin without sharing the story of how I got here … so sit back, relax and read on …

How it all started

In what seemed like a whirlwind of a week, my boyfriend of 3 years proposed (Yes! Proposed! Finally, right?) and then packed up his life to pursue his hockey career. Where was he going? Nikko, Japan, to play for the Nikko IceBucks. Leaving me with some big decisions …

perfect Chicago sunset right before the proposal

Of course I said YES! … to the proposal … but … was I ready to leave the life I had been creating for myself and move with him?

After weighing the (many) pros and cons, I decided that I’d maybe never get another opportunity like this again. Traveling and experiencing the world and other cultures has always been a dream, so what was I waiting for?! For the next several months I will be sharing my life as I explore “The Land of the Rising Sun”. Stay tuned …


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